Paper Trail: Dealing With Divorce Paperwork


If you are dealing with a divorce, you may also find yourself dealing with a lot of requests for documentation from your divorce attorney. Knowing what is needed may help make for a less stressful time, and the quicker you are able to accommodate those document requests the faster the entire ordeal will be over with. Read on to learn about some commonly used and requested documents to be familiar with and have handy during this time.

4 April 2017

Potential Complications Of Equal Time-Sharing Form Of Child Custody


There is evidence that kids of divorced parents fare better if they spend time with both parents instead of living exclusively with one parent. This is one of the reasons more courts are pushing for equal timesharing during custody hearings. However, this arrangement does have challenges that you should be aware; here are three examples of equal timesharing: Conflict of Schedules In an equal timesharing arrangement, you need to fit your schedules around your kids' schedules, and not the other way round.

10 March 2017

What To Do If You've Been Injured By A Drunk Driver In Florida


Most people assume that if they're injured by a drunk driver, they can sue for damages. But Florida is considered a no-fault state, meaning getting compensation from the person at fault might be a little challenging. This doesn't mean your medical bills won't get paid or that you can't be awarded for pain and suffering. What it does mean is that you'll have to take a few extra steps and meet certain criteria.

16 February 2017