Potential Complications Of Equal Time-Sharing Form Of Child Custody


There is evidence that kids of divorced parents fare better if they spend time with both parents instead of living exclusively with one parent. This is one of the reasons more courts are pushing for equal timesharing during custody hearings. However, this arrangement does have challenges that you should be aware; here are three examples of equal timesharing:

Conflict of Schedules

In an equal timesharing arrangement, you need to fit your schedules around your kids' schedules, and not the other way round. Courts want this because they are looking out for the best interests of the children, who have nothing to do with your divorce.

Therefore, you must make arrangements to work with your kids' educational and extracurricular schedules. Most parents find this difficult; few employers will be willing to give you that kind of leeway. Unfortunately, failure to fit your schedule to your kids' schedule may give your former spouse the ammunition to challenge you for full custody.

Duplication of Children's Belongings

Your kids need to have the same things, or nearly the same things, in both households for the 50-50 plan to work. Without duplication of belongings, the kids will have to carry their things from one house to another when switching homes. That is a very impractical situation that no family court will promote or allow.

For example, the textbooks, tennis racquets, running shoes and toys in your house should also be available at the other parent's home. As you can imagine, that kind of setup is likely to be expensive for most parents, especially if there are multiple kids involved.

Distance between Households

Lastly, you may also have problems with your equal timesharing arrangement if you don't live close to one another. Apart from the issue of costs, logistical arrangements and time may also hinder such an arrangement. For example, an equal custody sharing arrangement can be difficult to execute if the kids have to use more than one mode of transport (think traveling by air then taking a train or taxi). Long commutes are not only inconveniencing for you as parents, but it can also be tiresome for the kids. Therefore, this kind of arrangement is only likely to work if you live in the same neighborhood.

The best custody arrangement is the one you can execute; if you can't follow through with any kind of arrangement, even if it is the best. Talk to your lawyer to help you analyze your situation (with the legal requirements, in mind) and advise you on the best custody plan. Contact a firm like The Law Office of Colon & Associates PLLC to learn more.


10 March 2017

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