Your Auto Accident And Attorney-Client Confidentiality


You have probably heard of attorney-client confidentiality. Many people may not be aware that it's not always about confessing to crimes to your lawyer. Every type of lawyer extends attorney-client confidentiality to their clients, and it has a special meaning to those involved in an auto accident case. To find out more, read on.

What Confidentially Means in General

Being open and honest with your personal injury attorney is vital for several reasons. This privilege evolved so that clients could speak to their lawyers without worrying about the lawyer revealing it to anyone, even a judge. It has some specific meanings for those who have been hurt in a car accident and are owed money by the other driver and their insurers.

How Openness Can Help Your Case

Insurers for at-fault drivers don't tend to be generous with their settlement offers. Many victims are shocked at how little they are offered and turn to a personal injury lawyer to help them with their claims.

To be paid what you deserve after an accident, you must be honest and open about not just the accident and your medical treatment but everything. By everything, tell your personal injury lawyer about:

  • Previous accidents.
  • Previous injuries from an accident.
  • Previous medical conditions, particularly the ones you are currently suffering from.
  • Traffic tickets and traffic-related arrests.
  • Bankruptcies, divorces, being fired, and being sued.
  • Criminal matters.

These are all very personal matters and some of them are embarrassing. However, if your case is worth a lot of money, the insurer will do an investigation that may reveal the above issues. They will then use those issues to knock down the amount of money they might have offered you. The issues may be innocent, but they will probably become part of the case and they could affect it. However, if your lawyer already knows about your past, they can be ready when things come to light during the negotiation stage of the case.

By being honest with your lawyer, you are providing them with valuable information in advance of an attack from the other side. For example, your preexisting medical conditions will be of interest to the other side because medical costs can drive the total settlement higher and higher. If the other side can show that your injuries from the accident are actually the result of your present medical issues, it could cause your medical damage category to be sunk. If you don't have physical injuries to claim, you don't have a personal injury case. It's that simple and it's that important to be forthright with your lawyer.

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8 February 2023

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