How To Use The Tax Intercept Program To Collect Back Child Support


When the court orders your ex to pay you child support, he or she is legally obligated to make these payments. Unfortunately, many parents fail to make their child support payments, and this often leaves the custodial parents with financial hardships. If you are struggling because your ex is not paying you the support you are entitled to, you should consult an attorney specializing in family law. One of the options the lawyer may suggest is going after your ex-spouse's tax refund check.

12 August 2015

Determining Who Gets The Cryogenically Frozen Kids In A Divorce


Advances in assisted reproductive technology have made it possible for people who were previously unable to have children to start families using in-vitro fertilization (IVF). The process, however, often results in the formation of more embryos than is needed or wanted. While this usually isn't a problem for couples while they are married, it becomes a serious issue when spouses separate. If you and your spouse are divorcing, here's what you need to know about assigning custody of leftover embryos.

27 February 2015