Things To Know About The Discovery Phase Of Your Lawsuit


Going through a lawsuit will involve the completion of many different formal steps. These steps are necessary to ensure that the case is resolved fairly for both sides of the dispute. Discovery can be one of the most important steps in the process of launching a lawsuit. Yet, this is one step that both plaintiffs and defendants will often find themselves unprepared to address, which can lead to stress.

What Is The Purpose Of The Discovery Process?

The discovery step will be necessary for allowing both sides of the dispute to research any information that is pertinent to the dispute. For example, during the discovery process, the defendant may procure the plaintiff's medical records from the accident. This is necessary so that both sides will have access to all of the facts that surround the particular dispute in question.

Will You Have To Provide Anything Requested During Discovery?

While discovery can allow for many potentially sensitive pieces of information to be disclosed, it is important to understand that you may not have to respond to all discovery requests. In order for these requests to be valid, they will have to be fairly narrow in scope and directly related to the matter being disputed. Understanding the rules of discovery can be one of the most essential forms of protection that retaining an attorney can provide as they will be able to help you avoid needlessly releasing potentially damaging information that may not be relevant to the case. When there is a dispute with a discovery request, your attorney will be able to object to it, and if it can not be resolved, a judge may issue a ruling on the request.

Is Discovery Limited To Providing Copies Of Documents?

A common assumption about the discovery process is that it will be limited to providing documents. However, it is actually possible for this process to be far more intensive. For example, you may be called to provide testimony in the form of depositions. Also, those that are pursuing injury claims may find that they will need to undergo an evaluation by a physician for the defense.

The discovery phase of your lawsuit may be a stressful or uncertain part of this process if you lack the experience to know what to expect. After you learn about the purpose of this part of the lawsuit, the fact that you will not have to comply with every discovery request and the possible need to submit to depositions or examinations, this aspect of the lawsuit may not seem quite as intimidating.

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15 August 2017

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