Fighting Criminal Charges When You Are Innocent


When a prosecutor files criminal charges against you for a crime that you did not commit, you can choose to fight the charges. Despite the evidence that the prosecutor has that makes you look guilty, there is a possibility that you could win your case. If you are potentially facing criminal charges and you are innocent, here are some options you have for fighting the case.  

Talk to the Prosecutor 

If the prosecutor has not filed charges against you yet and you suspect there is a possibility that he or she will, contact him or her. Sometimes the information that the prosecutor is incorrect or incomplete. He or she might not have the proper information to make a decision regarding your guilt or innocence.  

There is also the possibility that the charges he or she is planning to file are not correct. For instance, the prosecutor could be planning to charge you with a DUI when it might be more appropriate to charge you with reckless driving.  

Depending on the facts of the case, talking to the prosecutor might be successful. At the very least, it gives you a chance to learn what evidence the prosecutor has so that you can begin to work on your defense strategy.  

Petition the Court for Dismissal 

Just because a prosecutor believes that he or she has a solid case against you does not mean that a judge will agree. You can go directly to the court and request a dismissal based on the fact that the prosecutor cannot prove his or her case.  

If the prosecutor's evidence does not support the case that he or she is building, the judge could dismiss the case. It is important to note that if the judge does dismiss the case, the prosecutor could continue to work on the case, collect additional evidence, and refile the case.  

Go to Trial 

Going to trial might be your best option for defeating a criminal case against you when you are innocent. In the trial, you have a chance to directly appeal to a jury. Depending on the evidence and your case, there is a possibility that you could win your case.  

Regardless of the option you choose, it is important that you work with a criminal attorney. In a trial, the attorney can help with poking holes in the case the prosecutor has built. He or she can also help to present evidence that supports your innocence, which could lead to a not guilty verdict. 

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11 June 2017

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