You Got Fired After Filing A Workers Comp Case! Now What?


You were injured while at work, you filed a claim with your employer to get workers comp, and now you are being told you no longer have a job. This is a frustrating situation that is enough to make anyone upset, and it is also a sign you could be being unfairly treated by your employer and their workers compensation insurance company. In situations like this, it is imperative that you seek an attorney immediately for counsel.

8 July 2019

Don't Miss Your Chance To File: The Statute Of Limitations


When harm has been perpetrated, victims have the right to seek monetary compensation. Unfortunately, civil law, which governs personal injury cases, dictates that cases must be filed within a given period of time. That being said, you might still have time to seek help if you qualify. Read on to learn more about the statute of limitations in regard to personal injury claims. Why Make it More Difficult for Victims?

14 March 2019

Implied Consent And Alcohol Testing


When you are facing charges of driving under the influence (DUI), matters will get serious pretty quickly. You will very likely automatically lose your driving privileges, and you might face prison, high fines, and much more. When it comes to defending yourself against the charges, every aspect of the stop and arrest will be under scrutiny. Read on to learn more. Assumptions and Consent While the law is good at spelling out details in some cases, in other cases, things are assumed.

25 January 2019

Dos And Don'ts Of Appointing Someone To Serve Divorce Papers On Your Behalf


When you've filed for divorce and the next step in the process is to let your spouse know about your decision, the correct way to do so is by having someone serve him or her with divorce papers. Having a third party take care of this important responsibility for you can keep the situation from escalating in an angry and even violent manner. It's important to talk to your divorce attorney about who you'll appoint to serve the papers.

5 December 2018

Your Guide To Defending A Gun Charge Case


You'll need to get the help of a criminal defense lawyer service whenever you're dealing with a firearm charge. These laws vary depending on what state you're in and can come with significant penalties if you are found guilty. Because of this, the best thing you can do is to learn your rights and find the assistance of a criminal attorney that specializes in firearm litigation. With this in mind, follow these strategies so you can get the help you need.

31 October 2018

Thinking About Bankruptcy? 5 Things To Consider


When you find yourself in a financial situation that cannot be sustained, one of your ways out of your current financial situation is bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a chance to satisfy your creditors and move forward with healthy financial habits. Owing money can eat away at your life, and with bankruptcy, it doesn't have to. Bankruptcy Goes on Your Credit History When you file for bankruptcy, it is not a private act.

28 September 2018

Three Tips For Protecting Yourself From Unwarranted Cellphone Searches


The cellphone is the center of many people's lives, containing vast amounts of data about them and their activities. So, it's no surprise that law enforcement officers will access people's cellphones—and other electronic devices—to find evidence of criminal activity. To protect yourself, here are three things you can do to stop cops from looking at your cellphone data when they don't have a warrant to do so. Assert Your Rights

16 August 2018

The Social Security Approval Process: What To Know


When you are unable to work at your job you might be qualified for Social Security disability. This government-provided form of financial assistance is only for those who can show proof that they are eligible, and that eligibility process can be lengthy and extensive. You might be wondering what happens after you submit your application to the Social Security Administration (SSA), so read on to find out more. 1. Are you financially eligible?

27 June 2018

Getting Divorced? What To Know About Going Back To Using A Maiden Name


Any woman getting divorced will need to make a decision about what to do about their last name. They can move forward with keeping their current last name or change it back to their maiden name. This can be a tougher decision than it seems, especially if you have kids that share your current last name. Here is what you need to know about changing a last name. When Is The Best Time To Change Your Last Name?

14 April 2018

4 Benefits Of Choosing An Uncontested Divorce


One of the most challenging things in life may be ending a marriage. This can be a stressful time and one you'll want to work hard to get through with the greatest possible ease. The less challenging methods of divorcing may be the uncontested divorce. When you and your spouse are both agreeable to the end of the marriage, this one can be selected. Look at the following benefits of this kind of divorce.

29 March 2018