Discover Why Social Media Is Such A Bad Idea During Divorce


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media websites are ingrained in our lives now. Very few people don't use at least one form of social media every day if not every hour. Social media allows us to connect with others, gain support, express ourselves, and keep up with friends and family. However, there is a time and place for social media and divorce may not be one of them. Read on and learn more about why using social media can be a bad idea during a divorce. 

Being Supported Throughout Your Divorce

One thing social media is known for is the way it lends support to those undergoing a stressful time. Divorce, of course, is a stressful thing to go through. It's only natural to turn to others at this time. However, you might want to get some emotional support from other sources. Talk to your close friends and family in person instead of venting on Facebook. It's not uncommon to need professional help to get through a divorce. Therapy is a lot more private, and it won't cause you problems with your divorce.

Problems with Posting

Nothing you post is private regardless of your settings. While no one expects what they post to cause problems, it can and will. You never know how your spouse will react to divorce issues like child custody, support, visitation, spousal support, and other tricky things. Don't assume that your postings won't be used against you either. Family court judges have the power to subpoena private social media posts and those can affect your divorce. For example, you may decide that you deserve a trip to the islands with friends. However, your spouse could see that as irresponsible parenting, spending, and more at such a time.

Though you might expect your divorce to be smooth sailing, divorce issues can bring out the worst in people. Even if you think you have an agreement with your spouse in place, a social media post could cause the agreement to fall apart. For example, your spouse might have agreed to pay spousal support. However, you are seen on Instagram showing off a new phone, clothing, apartment, etc. Posts like that can lead others, like the judge and your spouse, to reconsider your financial situation.

Divorce is a great time to take a break from your social media accounts and focus on creating a new life. Take care of your mental and physical health and maintain a collaborative relationship with your spouse. Your divorce could be smoother, less expensive, and better all around. Speak to your divorce lawyer for help with your social media use during the divorce.

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4 January 2023

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