3 Ways An Attorney May Be Able To Defend You Against A Reckless Driving Charge


If you get a ticket for reckless driving, the chances are you will be required to show up in court. Before you do this, consider hiring an attorney. A reckless driving conviction can have severe consequences that are similar to driving under the influence. You could lose your license, pay a steep fine, or serve jail time, and your insurance rates will skyrocket. There are a few ways a lawyer can help you fight a reckless driving conviction.

They can argue that your reckless driving citation should have been a speeding ticket

Maybe you were traveling faster than a cop was used to seeing for that particular shift that he works, but it was not reckless driving. The reasons can be many, but perhaps you were on a flat road where there was no one around, except for the police officer who gave you the ticket. Although you were traveling at a high speed, you were not a danger to anyone. The officer thought your speed was too fast, but an attorney may be able to argue that it was not reckless driving, it was just speeding.

They can argue that your reckless driving was simply a car accident

Consider the following scenario: you had an accident with your car. Maybe you drove it into a ditch, but the officer gave you a sobriety test and it was clear that you were not drunk or inhibited by any drugs. Therefore, the police officer wrote a ticket for reckless driving. But there can be many explanations for your driving. Perhaps your car had a mechanical problem, or you swerved to avoid hitting a dog. As long as you weren't driving under the influence, a defense attorney may be able to argue that it was simply an accident.

They can negotiate reckless driving to a lesser offense

Prosecutors have many cases they have to deal with. Not every case can go to trial, it is simply not possible. Although they seek to get as many guilty verdicts as possible, they are always open to listening to a compromise. For example, if a defendant were to plead to a charge that is less than reckless driving, under certain conditions, the prosecutor may be open to making this deal. Usually, a defendant will have to do something that will show the prosecutor they feel remorse without admitting guilt to the higher charge. One example of this may be a reckless driving school course.

The biggest problem with reckless driving is that it's often a judgment call by the police officer. What one officer may call a speeding ticket or an accident, another may call reckless driving. Before you plead guilty to a charge of reckless driving, consult an attorney because the consequences of a reckless driving conviction are likely severe.


27 September 2022

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