Understanding Truck Accidents Caused By Brake Failure


If you are involved in a truck accident, it's crucial you consult a truck accident attorney to help you retrieve fair damages. Many truck accidents are normally a result of brake failure. The following are some major causes of brake failure and the parties that are liable for the resulting truck accident.

Poorly Manufactured Brakes

In rare cases, brake failure could result from poorly designed breaks. Many cases of brake failure involve poorly manufactured breaks. Defectively manufactured breaks affect one set of brakes as opposed to an entire line of brakes. A poorly manufactured braking system arises when there are mistakes when assembling the system. 

Also, if the manufacturers don't follow the design of the brakes, this is enough to make the brakes defective. Remember, even one missing screw can affect the brake's ability to prevent an accident. In accidents involving poorly manufactured brakes, your truck accident attorney will ensure that the companies involved with assembling or manufacturing the brakes are held liable.

Poor Maintenance

Sometimes brake malfunctions are a result of maintenance oversights. In such cases, the brake malfunction is caused by air supply damage, overheating, or adjustment errors. If the air supply to the brakes is leaking or damaged, this can compromise the functionality of the brakes. Additionally, if there is overheating, the brake system is forced out of adjustment. This affects the vehicle's stopping power.

Another form of maintenance oversight is adjustment errors. Many trucks have automatic brake adjusters. When there are too many manual adjustments on automatic brake adjusters, the clutch mechanism tends to fail. This causes the brakes to fall out of adjustment whenever they are applied. This can easily lead to an accident when the truck no longer has enough stopping power.

Suppose a trucking company realizes these faults and fails to replace the brakes. In that case, your truck accident attorney can use this proof of negligence to hold them responsible for the resulting accident.

Truck Load Crew Responsibility

Loading of commercial trucks is mainly handled by a load crew. Therefore, if a truck driver is set to transport products to a store, they will ask the load crew to load the cargo.

Therefore, if a truck accident is caused by the load on the truck, the company that hired the load crew shares some liability. This is because they didn't bear in mind the weight of the vehicle and weight distributions when loading the cargo.

For example, a truck may be overloaded and exceed the weight limit causing the brake system to malfunction. The resulting accident means liability will be split between the company that hired the load crew and the trucking company. Attorney services will gather sufficient proof to hold both parties liable for the accident.


23 February 2022

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