Three Things A Father Should Look For When Searching For A Child Custody Attorney


If you are a father and are facing a custody issue involving one or more of your children, you will need an attorney to advocate on your behalf. As you begin your search for the right attorney, there are several things to look for. The following are three of the most important attributes a child custody lawyer should have when representing a father.

Look for an attorney with experience representing fathers

Although it's not legal for an attorney to only represent mothers or fathers, lawyers will have tendencies in the clients they represent. Because there are sometimes differences in the way an attorney will approach a child custody case representing fathers rather than mothers, it is important that they have a lot of experience advocating for fathers. However, the gender of the attorney will not matter, so don't exclude female attorneys when looking for quality representation.

Look for an attorney that understands your circumstances

You want to hire an attorney who not only has represented fathers in the past, but who also has experience with your particular type of case. Some child custody cases may be routine for an attorney, especially one that overlaps with a divorce proceeding, but other cases may not be as common. For example, you may already have custody of your children because the mother was a drug addict, only now she claims to have kicked the habit and wants full custody of your child. You want to have an attorney that understands all of the finer points of the law in this circumstance, much of which may not be routine for many attorneys.

Look for an attorney with good negotiating skills

Not every case needs to be settled before a judge. Although that may seem obvious, in the case of child custody, emotions can often run high. In this environment, even two opposing attorneys may find it difficult to reach an agreement. However, when it is possible, an attorney, with good negotiating skills in child custody cases, may be able to reach an agreement that is both in the interest of the child as well as both parents. As a father, you need to inquire about a lawyer's track record for out-of-court settlements as well as their record in court.

The issues listed above should be helpful to you as you search for an attorney. Keep in mind that the legal system has changed over the years, and fathers are now given more consideration in custody issues than they were decades ago. If you focus on those lawyers that meet the criteria above, you will likely find yourself with a good advocate.

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29 June 2017

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